1. Every person signing this document $/or actually occupying any accommodation or utilising any services shall be personally liable for all accommodation and other charges including room or common area damage and room perishables.

2. In addition to the customers named above nor withstanding that an account is sent in the first instance to the customer. UNO Hotel Sydney assumed no responsibility for loss of money or other valuables as prescribed in the INN Keepers Act of 1968. UNO Hotel Sydney is not responsible for articles left in the room or in under porter store care including automobiles left on the premises.

3. I agree that my liability for this bill not waived and agree to be held personally liable in the event that the indicated person, company or association fails to pay for any part of the full amount of these charges herein.

4. This hotel (UNO Hotel Sydney) exercises a strict NO PARTY POLICY and breach of this agreement may result in eviction including a full nights accommodation charge, cleaning fees and additional related fees.

5. This is a NON-SMOKING hotel including all rooms, balconies and all other areas of the hotel. Breach of non-smoking will result in a $200 fine which this facility is subject to terms and conditions of entry and displayed before entry.

6. In the event of the foregoing, the signatory give UNO Hotel Sydney the authority to charge the signatory’s credit card for any loss incurred by UNO hotel Sydney.

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